General Info - Information for the general public, including pension fund history, office hours, location and directions, Board of Trustees, board meeting calendar and investment related information. Access to published materials such as brochures, press releases, newsletters, board meeting minutes and financial statements.
Active Members - Information for contributing members, including available benefits, optional service, 2.2% upgrade option, refund of contributions, and reciprocal systems. Guidelines for new members and as well as those preparing for retirement. Access to brochures, applications and forms.
Retired Members - Information for retired members, including benefit payments, returning to service, health care, and an explanation of member death benefits. Access to brochures, applications and forms.
Employers - Resources for Chicago Public Schools and Chicago Charter Schools. Information on contribution rates, withholding procedures and requirements.
Staff - Resources for CTPF Staff. Upcoming events, multimedia tutorials, knowledge development and assessment tools.