COVID-19 Response Page


CTPF Operating Remotely

CTPF is committed to doing our part to stop the spread of COVID-19. For the health, safety, and wellbeing of all CTPF Members, the Fund continues to deliver all member services remotely. The physical office remains closed to all but essential employees whose duties cannot be performed offsite. In-person services and counseling are suspended until it is safe to resume these operations.

CTPF has implemented the following changes for the health and safety of all:

  • In-person appointments and services are suspended.
  • Phone assistance and video counseling appointments are available. Members should call 312.641.4464 or email for assistance.
  • US Mail processing may be delayed. Send benefit applications, forms, and documents by fax 312.641.7185 or email an attachment (.pdf or .jpg format) to to ensure prompt processing.
Submit Documents and Forms Electronically: US Mail Processing Delayed

US Mail processing may be delayed. Send benefit applications, forms, and documents by fax 312.641.7185 or email an attachment (.pdf or .jpg format) to to ensure processing.

Scanning without a Scanner

Need to scan a document to email to CTPF but you don't have a scanner? Don't worry. A printer or smartphone scanning apps or smartphone camera can help you get the job done. 

Printer - most printers are multifunction devices that include a scanning option. You may need to install utility software or find the scanning function in your computer's system settings.

Smartphone Apps - a smartphone can take the place of a scanner. Browse your app store and download a mobile scanning app. These apps use your phone's camera to capture an image of the page. That image is saved as a PDF or JPG file to your phone or an online storage site. Be sure to read the app's privacy policy first so you know where your data is being stored and managed by the company. 

Smartphone Camera - as a last resort, use your cell phone or a digital camera and take a picture of the document. If needed, straighten and crop the image in edit mode.

Remote Notarization Services Available for CTPF Documents

While CTPF accepts many documents via email or fax, the requirement for a notary to witness signatures remains in place for important documents. Documents are notarized to deter fraud and to ensure proper execution.  

CTPF now offers remote notarization for CTPF documents, in accordance with Illinois law. Members who would like assistance notarizing CTPF documents should call or email Member Services at 312.641.4464 or, and request a zoom videoconference for notarization.

After a request is received, a Member Services counselor will call to schedule an appointment, and review the necessary steps and requirements. The meeting can be arranged using any device which allows for both audio and video – a smartphone, computer, iPad, or Android device. Some things to keep in mind:

  • Illinois law requires that remote notarization be conducted via real-time, audio-video communication. CTPF uses Zoom software for this purpose, and participants must be able to access both the audio and video functions of Zoom to execute a remote notary meeting. It may be necessary to download the Zoom application in advance of the meeting.
  • The notarization process will be recorded.
  • The member must present valid state ID or drivers’ license which can be clearly viewed.
  • The participants must certify that they are within the State of Illinois during the signing.

Notary Process

The member will hold up to the camera each page that requires notarization, and initial each page. Once the notary confirms that each page is fully visible, the member will sign the document, immediately holding up each page to the camera. The notary will verbally acknowledge witnessing of the signature.

Once the process is complete, the document should be sent by email to or fax to 312.641.7185. Signed documents must be electronically received by CTPF within one hour from the time of completing the notarization process, and the original placed in the USPS mail.

Additional Information

Members who want additional information should contact CTPF Member Services at 312.641.4464 or

Member Payments

We have procedures in place to ensure the regular payment of member benefits, even if normal business is interrupted. Also, be reminded that CTPF pensions are secure and are not based on market conditions. Find a schedule for pension payments here.

Switch to Direct Deposit Now

Given the uncertainties with the COVID-19 outbreak, CTPF is advising all members who receive benefit checks to sign up for direct deposit as soon as possible in an effort to ensure timely benefit payments. To initiate direct deposit, you must complete and return CTPF Form 425 with the required documentation. 

Forms should be submitted by Fax 312.641.7185 or email an attachment (.pdf file) to 

Health Insurance Updates for CTPF Plan Enrollees

All CTPF health insurance carriers have waived all member cost sharing, including copays, coinsurance, and deductibles, for COVID-19 diagnostic testing.

CTPF’s Health Insurance page has more information about CTPF plans and resources.

Pharmacy Benefits

UHC Medicare Advantage PPO and UnitedHealthcare AARP Medicare Supplement Plan F members can transfer prescriptions for chronic conditions to the mail-order pharmacy provider, Express Scripts Pharmacy (ESI), where they can obtain 90-day supplies delivered directly to their home, and have access to ESI pharmacists 24/7. Call 1.800.864.1416 or visit for information. Members may also access 90-Day supplies at retail pharmacies.

Humana HMO is allowing early prescription refills so that members can have additional supplies on hand.


UnitedHealthcare offers Virtual Doctor Visits which can help prevent the spread of viruses. Virtual visits allow users to see and speak to a doctor online anytime from a mobile device or computer. Wait times may be longer than normal for Virtual Visits due to high volume related to COVID-19.

Blue Cross Blue Shield

BCBSIL began covering telehealth visits with in-network Illinois providers for eligible BCBSIL PPO members. If a PPO member sees an in-network provider who offers telehealth services, those services will now be covered as a regular office visit.


Humana is waiving telemedicine costs for urgent care needs. Humana offers the MDLIVE service where members can have virtual appointments with a doctor. Find more information at You can start by calling 1.888.673.1992 (TTY: 711) or download the MDLIVE mobile app from the App Store or Google Play. 

Medicare Fraud Warning

The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services is warning that scammers are using the COVID-19 pandemic to try to steal Medicare Numbers and personal information. Con artists have been are offering free masks, COVID-19 testing kits, "COVID-19 cures," or protective equipment in an attempt to steal information. If anyone reaches out to get your Medicare Number or personal information in exchange for something, it's likely a scam. Guard your Medicare card like it’s a credit card.


  • Medicare will never contact you for your Medicare Number or other personal information unless you’ve given them permission in advance.
  • Medicare will never call you to sell you anything.
  • You may get calls from people promising you things if you give them a Medicare Number. This is likely a scam. Do not give your Medicare number to anyone over the phone.
  • Medicare will never visit you at your home.

 Visit for tips on preventing Medicare scams and fraud. If you suspect fraud, call 1.800.MEDICARE to report it.

Meeting and Calendar Updates

Check for current meeting information and updates on the CTPF Calendar. 

Resources for Members Ready to Retire

CTPF has gathered resources to help you manage the process online.

Visit the CTPF Retirement Resources Page

Individual Retirement Counseling Appointments

Individual retirement counseling is available by phone and video chat for members who are retiring this June.

Call 312.641.4464 to schedule an appointment. You can also email individual questions to

Market Volatility Update

COVID-19  poses health risks but is also an economic threat. There will likely be continued market uncertainty moving forward. With the current volatility in the financial markets, members may be concerned about the security of their pension. CTPF pensions are secure. When members vest, they qualify for a lifetime pension, guaranteed by the Illinois Constitution. Pensions are determined by a formula and do not change with market conditions. Click here to read a statement on Volatility.