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Hiring CTPF Retirees

Permanent Re-Employment

  • The Employer must notify CTPF of permanent reemployment of a retired member
  • The pension shall be cancelled on the date the re-employment begins, or on the first day of a payroll period for which service credit was validated, whichever is earlier

Temporary or Non-Annual Employment

  • A retiree is limited to working on no more than 120 days in a fiscal year for an Employer(s)
  • Compensation is limited to $30,000/year, or the daily rate paid to retired principals multiplied by 100 for individuals who retired with 5 years of service as a principal.

CTPF strongly encourages Employers to ask candidates if they are a retirees returning to work during the hiring process before submitting pension contributions to CTPF.

Return to work rules are complex and audits of Employers frequently uncover return to work violations; please visit Returning to Work for more detailed information.

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