AARP Medicare Supplement Plan F (UnitedHealthcare) Rate Increase

Plan rates quoted by UHC do not include the CTPF subsidy or Medicare Part D costs

Members who participate in the AARP Medicare Supplement Plan F (UnitedHealthcare) recently received a letter from UnitedHealthcare (UHC) with information regarding a June 1, 2021, rate increase. Plan F premiums are based on age, gender, vary by geographic area, and are determined directly by UHC. The increases range from $1 to $23 per month and vary by individual situation. A majority of participants will have rate increases of $7 or less.

The new rate quoted by UHC does not include a CTPF member’s 60% health insurance premium subsidy or the cost of the Express Scripts Part D pharmacy benefit. The new amount will be calculated by CTPF and reflected in June 1, 2021, pension checks. 

Members with questions should call CTPF’s Member Services at 312-641-4464 or email