New Members

New to CTPF? 

If you’re a new teacher or member of the Fund, welcome to CTPF. Your pension, administered by CTPF is one of your most important financial assets. At the beginning of your career, it may be hard to picture yourself retired. Yet, planning for retirement should begin on the first day of employment.

CTPF members participate in a defined-benefit retirement plan, which offers a secure retirement income for life. Once earned, a pension does not lose value or change with investment or market conditions. CTPF members do not contribute to Social Security during employment. Instead, each pay period, pension contributions are withheld by the employer and sent to CTPF. At retirement, CTPF calculates a pension for retirees that meet the eligibility requirements.

The CTU Pension/Insurance Committee partners with the Chicago Teachers' Pension Fund to present educational workshops for members working now. The workshops provide valuable information to active members regarding their pensions. Click below to find presentation information and materials. 

myCTPF is our secure member self-service portal with all of the tools you need in one secure website. When you register for myCTPF, you create your own unique User ID and password. You can use myCTPF to help plan for retirement and access documents and information. myCTPF is available to all CTPF members, retirees and survivors of retirees who have completed the one-time registration process. 

Thinking about your future retirement? Your pension is an important part of your future retirement security. Chicago Teachers' Pension Fund (CTPF) members enjoy a guaranteed pension for life, based on your tier level, final average salary, CTPF years of service, and a pension multiplier (currently 2.2% for service earned on July 1, 1998 or after). The calculator below can help you estimate your monthly CTPF pension income at retirement.

On January 1, 2011, the Illinois legislature established two sets of pension eligibility requirements. Members who joined CTPF or a qualified reciprocal system prior to January 1, 2011, are Tier 1

The Illinois Retirement Systems Reciprocal Act (Reciprocal Act) gives retiring Illinois public employees the option to combine service credit earned in any Illinois public retirement systems (except

The survivor and death benefits provided by the Chicago Teachers' Pension Fund (CTPF) are an important part of a family's financial future. If you are aware of the death of a CTPF member, please contact Member Services, 312.641.4464, to report the death so CTPF can begin the process of paying any benefits due.

To learn more about your pension and to stay engaged with CTPF make sure that you: Complete a CTPF Designation of Beneficiary form and update it as important life events occur (marriage, civil union