Next Steps

To learn more about your pension and to stay engaged with CTPF make sure that you:

  • Complete a CTPF Designation of Beneficiary form and update it as important life events occur (marriage, civil union, birth of a child, divorce, etc.). The lump-sum death benefit is paid according to the Designation on file at CTPF at the time of a member’s death.   
  • Register for myCTPF the Fund’s self-service portal where you can review your Annual Member Statement and request a pension estimate (when you are eligible). 
  • Review the webpage Maximizing Your Pension to better understand opportunities to purchase service credit and increase your pension benefit.  
  • Consider the benefits of reciprocity. If you earned service credit in another Illinois public retirement system, review the Reciprocal Systems section or contact CTPF to discuss your options.  
  • Share your voice. Vote in CTPF’s Annual Trustee Elections, conducted in the fall.  
  • Read Pension News and register for email updates
  • Attend CTPF Educational Webinars. Information on Educational Webinars can be found in email updates and at  
  • Review your Annual Member Statement, which is mailed each fall and provides a snapshot of your pension benefits at the end of the prior fiscal year. 
  • Keep your employer up-to-date with any changes in your demographic information, such as change of address or marital status. CTPF receives changes from the employer while you are an active teacher.