Survivor & Death Benefits

The survivor and death benefits provided by the Chicago Teachers' Pension Fund (CTPF) are an important part of a family's financial future. If you are aware of the death of a CTPF member, please contact Member Services, 312.641.4464, to report the death so CTPF can begin the process of paying any benefits due.

Designated Beneficiaries

CTPF members should ensure that they have designated a beneficiary. If you have not done so, or need to update your beneficiary, download and complete the Form 105: Designation of Beneficiary Form.

Surviving beneficiaries will be contacted by CTPF to initiate the application process. The Death Benefit Application will be sent to all beneficiaries, which provides a detailed list of required documents that must accompany the application in order to receive death benefit payment.

Download the Survivor & Death Benefits information sheet for additional information about benefits that may be available to survivors and beneficiaries of CTPF members.