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Chicago Teachers' Pension Fund Financial Update as of June 30, 2021

CTPF Posts Record Returns at Close of 2021 Fiscal Year

AUGUST 18, 2021 - CHICAGO - The Chicago Teachers' Pension Fund (CTPF) today announced a 28.68% net return on investments for the 2020-21 fiscal year. The record-setting return exceeded both the Fund's benchmark and the 6.75% investment assumption.   

"Our investment team has done an excellent job of navigating a volatile year and implementing our Trustees' investment policy," said Carlton W. Lenoir, Sr., Executive Director. "While we appreciate these results, we are long-term investors, and we view our performance through that lens. These results demonstrate that our investment policy works and produces results for our members and stakeholders, even during uncertain times." 

On a net basis, the Fund's portfolio has outperformed the total benchmark over all periods:  


Fiscal Year 2021 

Last 3 Years 

Last 5 Years 

Last 10 Years 

Last 25 Years 

Since Inception (1/91) 















CTPF's assets totaled $13,145,261,578 for the fiscal year ending June 30, 2021. This is the highest fiscal year close in the history of the Fund.

CTPF utilizes professional fund managers to implement the Fund's investment policy, designed to obtain the highest expected return on investments with an acceptable level of risk. CTPF invests prudently in a diversified portfolio designed to weather market volatility over the long term. Adherence to an appropriate and well-defined asset allocation policy remains the best course of action to manage the path to successful attainment of long-term investment goals.   

About CTPF  

Established by the Illinois state legislature in 1895, CTPF celebrated its 125th anniversary in 2020. The $13.1 billion Fund is the oldest in Illinois, and manages members' assets and administers benefits. The Fund serves more than 89,000 total members and provides pension and health insurance benefits to more than 28,000 annuitants. About 91% of CTPF members, including 83% of annuitants, live in Illinois. CTPF makes $1.4 billion in annual pension payments in Illinois, which help generate $2.0 billion in total economic impact and supports more than 13,200 jobs in the State. 

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