CPS Begins Adjustments for Part Time Teachers’ Days Worked


The week of June 18, 2021, the Chicago Public Schools (CPS) began notifying Part Time teachers that they may receive a recalculation of their service credit due to changes in the way days worked are reported to CTPF.  

CTPF tracks service credit according to rules that are defined by Illinois statute which states: “When computing days of validated service, contributors shall receive one day of service credit for each day for which they are paid salary representing a partial or a full day of employment rendered to an Employer or the Board.” 

CPS has been reporting service credit differently, based on the number of scheduled hours worked  instead of a day-for-day method. This reporting method has led to members earning more than one day of service for a day physically worked. In order for the district to align with reporting rules and the pension code, they are going make corrections in order to report the days of service credit based on the number of days worked rather than scheduled hours. 

Historical corrections for Fiscal Year 2012 through Fiscal Year 2020 will be run in chronological order beginning with FY12. Corrections for FY21 will be made after the “historical” corrections are completed. Adjustments for earlier years “legacy members” (before 2012) will be made later.  

  • CPS is planning to send multiple files in with adjustments June.  
  • Timing to post - ongoing 
  • Active/Deferred Members can review their Member  Statements in early fall to look for any changes.
  • Retired members will be revised on a case by case basis. Members will receive letters indicating the impact, if any.

Frequently Asked Questions 

I am a full-time teacher – will this impact me? 

If you have always worked full time this should not impact you. 


Why did CPS make this incorrect calculation?  

It was a misapplication of the Illinois Statute reporting requirement. 


What impact is this going to have on my pension? 

Corrections have the potential to reduce service credit which is a component of your eligibility to retire and the pension calculation. 


When will I know if this impacts my pension? 

  • Active/Deferred Members can review their Member Statements in early fall to look for any changes. 
  • Retired Members will be revised on a case by case basis. Members will receive letters from CTPF indicating the impact, if any. 


Why isn’t CTPF notifying me of this change? 

These are corrections being made by CPS. CTPF will process them, and you will see the result of any changes on your member statement (if active/deferred). If you are retired and there is an impact, CTPF will notify you by mail as soon as possible after the adjustments are processed.