Did you Work Here?

CTPF calls on members to assist with finding former administrators at closed charter schools.

CTPF has a policy to routinely audit charter schools to review employee records to ensure that the Fund receives all contributions due.  

Some schools have closed which makes it difficult to audit records, and can present issues when members who worked at these schools apply for retirement. CTPF is trying to locate individuals at the following now closed charter schools who may have had insight into the payroll process: 

  • Choir Academy Charter School 
  • Global Alliance Preparatory Charter School 
  • Lake View Academy Charter School 
  • Nuestra America Charter School 
  • Triumphant Charter School 

If you worked at any of these schools and have current contact information for former school leaders or individuals who had access to payroll records and information, we’d like to hear from you. Please reach out to employeraudit@ctpf.org with any information.