Don’t Make Costly Mistakes: Enrolling in an Outside Plan or an Additional Plan


If you have CTPF Health Insurance and enroll in an additional outside plan, you will be disenrolled by Medicare and lose your CTPF Health Insurance coverage and Medicare Part B subsidy. Reinstatement is very difficult and may result in additional penalties.  

If you actively disenrolled from CTPF coverage and later decide that you are unhappy with a non-CTPF plan and want to rejoin a CTPF plan, you must wait until the next Open Enrollment period (October 2023) unless you have a qualifying event. Members can only re-enroll once in a lifetime without a qualifying event. 

Be cautious when speaking to a broker or infomercial advisor regarding your insurance plan, this will impact your CTPF coverage. 

Additional Information 

Find additional information in the 2023 Health Insurance Handbook or contact Member services at or 312.641.4464 with questions.