Organization of CTPF Board of Trustees During November Meeting


During the November 16, 2023, Board of Trustees Meeting, elected trustees were sworn in and took their oath of office. Elected Teacher Trustees Paula S. Barajas and Tammie F. Vinson will serve three-year terms through November 2026. Elected Pensioner Trustees Lois Nelson, Mary Sharon Reilly, and Maria J. Rodriguez will serve two-year terms through November 2025. View vote totals and certified election results at  

At the meeting, the Board of Trustees elected officers and chairs of standing committees for 2023-2024. 

Officers of the Board of Trustees: 

  • President, Jeffery Blackwell
  • Vice President, Jacquelyn Price Ward
  • Financial Secretary, Mary Sharon Reilly
  • Recording Secretary, Lois Nelson

Standing Committee Chairs: 

  • Claims and Service Credits, Lois Nelson
  • Finance and Audit, Mary Sharon Reilly
  • Investments, Jacquelyn Price Ward
  • Pension Laws and Administrative Rules, Quentin S. Washington
Elected Trustees at the November Board of Trustees Meeting
Left Image: CTPF Officers: Vice President Jacquelyn Price Ward and President Jeffery Blackwell (standing). Recording Secretary Lois Nelson and Financial Secretary Mary Sharon Reilly (seated).

Right Image: CTPF Elected Trustees: Teacher Trustees Paula S. Barajas and Tammie F. Vinson (standing). Pensioner Trustees Maria J. Rodriguez, Lois Nelson, and Mary Sharon Reilly (seated).

Find a complete list of committee descriptions and assignments here.