Private Teaching Service Purchase Application Deadline Approaching

Applications for this service must be received prior to the deadline of May 13, 2024
Private Teaching Service Form 685 Grahpic

State certified teachers or administrators employed by a private school recognized by the Illinois State Board of Education, who have served as a contributing teacher for a CTPF employer for at least 10 years, may be eligible to purchase that private teaching service and have that credit added to total years of service. 

The member must meet eligibility requirements to complete the credit purchase, including:  

  1. You must be a certified teacher in a full-time position, and currently contributing to CTPF. 
  2. You must have been a participating member of CTPF on or after May 13, 2022, which is the effective date of PA-102-0822. 
  3. Your private school employment must have been rendered prior to your current CTPF participation. 
  4. The private school must have been registered/recognized by the Illinois State Board of Education.
  5. Your position with the private school must have been as a teacher or administrator. 
  6. At the time the employment was rendered, you must have been recognized by the Illinois State Board of Education as a certified teacher or administrator. You must submit documentation verifying the date you became certified in Illinois.  
  7. In order for the private school employment to be recognized as pension credits, you must complete 10 years of CTPF contributing service. Private school service may be purchased prior to completing the 10 years; However, it will not be used for benefit purposes until the 10 years requirement has been met. 
  8. You may not receive credit for this same private school period under any other Illinois retirement system. 
  9. You may be eligible to purchase up to a maximum of 2 years of service credit. 
  10. The purchase of this service must be completed before you receive your first pension check from CTPF, or another retirement system covered by the Illinois Retirement Systems Reciprocal Act (if retiring under reciprocity). 

Payment Options and Interest 

The cost to purchase private teaching service will be based on the applicant paying the employee and employer required contributions plus 5% compounded interest, for the period being requested. Interest accrues from the initial period of CTPF covered service until the bill is paid in full. The first-year annual salary rate during covered employment will be used to calculate the amount of the contributions to be paid by the member. Service credit WILL NOT be added to your account until you have paid the entire bill 

Application Process 

  • Download and complete Form 685: Application to Purchase Private Teaching Service
  • CTPF will contact the private school for verification of your employment dates and position. 
  • Processing Form 685 can take up to 90 days pending CTPF obtaining employer validation and other necessary certification information. The 90 days begin when CTPF receives the completed Form back from the member.  
  • CTPF will follow up with Employers every 30 days to provide status updates, completion of processing and other relevant information.  
  • Applications for this service must be received prior to the deadline of May 13, 2024 

Download Form 685: Application to Purchase Private Teaching Service


Call Member Services, 312-641-4464, if you have questions regarding the completion of this application.