Protect Chicago Offers Vaccines for the Homebound

Program provides access to COVID-19 vaccine in a safe, equitable, and effective method.

The City of Chicago is providing in-home COVID-19 vaccination for Chicago residents who are unable to leave home due to age, disability, or medical impairment. This program is intended to provide access to COVID-19 vaccine in a safe, equitable, and effective method. This mobile, home-health community vaccination program will serve those who are unable to travel to a vaccination site, as well as their caregivers. Those interested in signing up for the program should complete this survey (

To be eligible for this program you must:

  • Be a senior OR a person with a disability who requires in-home assistance.


  • Have to use adaptive equipment (like a ventilator, crutches, a walker, a wheelchair, etc.) and/or accessible transportation to leave home.


  • Leaving home is not an option for because doing so requires considerable and taxing effort.

Individuals living outside the City of Chicago are not eligible for this program.

If you or a family member fit these criteria, please complete this form so the City can coordinate in-home vaccination.

There is currently a high demand for the Protect Chicago Homebound program, and it may be several weeks before an appointment is available. When appointments open, a member of the Protect Chicago Homebound team will call to schedule the appointment and answer any additional questions. Protect Chicago Homebound is anticipating vaccinating a significant amount of registered individuals throughout the month of April, with a goal of completing the current homebound registrants by the end of May.

CTPF has more than 11,000 annuitants living in the City of Chicago.

Residents Outside of Chicago

Members who live outside of Chicago should check with their municipal or county department of health for homebound services.

Lake County Illinois

  • Vaccinations of homebound seniors in Lake County began on Wednesday, April 7. If you or someone you know is unable to leave home due to their health condition or disability, contact the AllVax support team to be added to the list, call (847) 377-8130 or