Retirement Resources

Information for CTPF Members Considering Retirement

2021 Retirement Resources

CTPF offered retirement webinars in February and March. More than 1,100 members considering retirement registered for the webinars and received pension esitmates. These webinars provided retirement information, including a general overview of the CTPF and CPS retirement processes. If you missed the webinar you can find a recorded version here. 

Retirement Webinar Presentation & Recording 

Pension Estimates

If you have not done so within the last year request a pension estimate from Member Services and download the 2021 Retirement Application. Read through the form, start collecting your required documentation, and make a list of questions you need answered.

Things to Consider

Retirement involves many steps and considerations. Before applying to retire with CTPF, consider the following:

  • Retirement is a two-step process and you must terminate/retire from your employer and any reciprocal system, if applicable -- CTPF cannot process your retirement benefits until that process is complete.

  • Make sure you receive the credit you deserve – do you have credit in another Illinois public pension system? If you qualify and retire under reciprocity, your benefit will be based on your highest final average salary (FAS) and each system pays a proportion of your pension. You must apply with each retirement system to take advantage of this benefit.
  • Can you increase your benefit through a service purchase from an unpaid leave, refunded or other public teaching service, or military service?
  • What pension percentage will be applied to your benefit? Review your estimate to determine if your benefit will be paid at the maximum rate (2.2%)? If not, are you eligible to pay to upgrade to the higher percentage?

Health Insurance

Employer-sponsored group health, dental, and vision insurance coverage will end at retirement. If you're considering retirement in June, now is the time to research your options and decide on a plan so your coverage continues without interruption. CTPF does not automatically enroll you in any post-retirement health insurance coverage.

Answers to Questions

Members who need retirement counseling can schedule virtual appointments with CTPF Member Services Counselors. Appointments are available, Monday - Friday from 8:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m. Call: 312.641.4464 to schedule. Have a quick question? Try emailing

Submit Forms Electronically 

During the pandemic, U.S. Mail processing may be delayed. Send benefit applications, forms, and documents by fax 312.641.7185 or email an attachment (.pdf or .jpg format) to to ensure processing. After documents are sent via fax or e-mail please send the originals to CTPF.