Alison Eichhorn, Teacher Trustee Candidate

Alison Eichhorn

Statement of Candidacy

My name is Alison Eichhorn and I am running for CTPF Teacher Trustee. This year will be my 16th year in Chicago Public Schools. I am currently the campus programmer and Social Science teacher at the Little Village Lawndale High School campus. 

As your CTPF Trustee, my goals are:

  • Fight the Two-Tier Pension System, working to increase awareness for new hires and work with CTU leadership to fight it. 
  • Work with the other Board members to invest in clean energy/socially conscious investments and, over time, divest from socially irresponsible investments. 
  • Be prepared and engaged for all Board and committee meetings, doing all education and prep work in advance of the meeting so I am thoroughly able to engage in all topics on the agendas.
  • Commit to seeking answers from the experts and using all of my available resources when I do not have the information or knowledge. I want to get decisions right, and I will make sure I have the knowledge to make the best decisions. 
  • To work with the Pension Advocacy Group to educate members about the importance of our pension and the need for pension awareness amongst our members. 
  • Providing oversight and enforcement of all pension income by making sure that all payments made to the pension from all applicable parties are on time, accurate, and complete.
  • Work to improve the funding ratio. Right now, the pension is 47.35% funded, up from 46.78%. We need to make sure that all members have access to their deferred income when they are ready to take it, so we need to improve the ratio for our retirement security.
  • Be an advocate for members. Members work extremely hard. They need assurance that their deferred compensation will be there for them when they finally get to retire. 
  • Be an independent voice for what is right. There are some things that truly are non-partisan. Our Pension Board should contain the most qualified people, regardless of caucus. As a person that, for years, has asked tough financial questions, I can be trusted to seek information, collaborate with others, and work to make the best decisions for our financial future. 

On a personal note, I am a former CTU Trustee and a small business owner, AP Microeconomics and Honors Economics teacher. I care deeply about fiscal responsibility and want to work with others to improve the financial future for all of our members. 


  • B.A. in History and B.S. in Education from Loyola University (2008) 
  • M.Ed in Curriculum Development from UIC (2009)
  • M.Ed in Special Education from UIC (2013)
  • M.Ed in Instructional Leadership from ACE (2013)
  • National Board Certified Teacher (2021)

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