Erika Meza, Teacher Trustee Candidate


Statement of Candidacy

My name is Erika Meza and I am running for CTPF Teacher Trustee. I teach Computer Science at George Washington HS. With a strong foundation in personal finance education, a fervent dedication to research and investment, and a resolute commitment to advocating for retirement benefits, I offer a comprehensive set of skills and experiences that make me an ideal candidate for pension trustee. As your CTPF Trustee, my goals are to:

  • Strengthen Member Communication and Education: Enhance communication channels to keep members updated on fund performance, market trends, and any changes in policies or investment strategies, fostering trust and transparency. 
  • Empower school pension reps with financial knowledge to share with members.
  • Diversify Investment Portfolio: Aim for a balanced approach utilizing Low Cost Passive Index Funds ensuring that members' funds are maximized and unnecessary costs are minimized.
  • Enhance Transparency: Implement measures to increase transparency regarding the pension fund's investments, fees, and performance, ensuring all members have clear insights into their retirement savings.
  • Advocate for Ethical Investments: Advocate for the inclusion of ethical, sustainable, and socially responsible investments in the fund's portfolio, aligning investments with members' values and contributing to positive social impact.


  • M.Ed in School Leadership from Concordia University (2003) 
  • B.A. in Secondary Education in History from UIC (2000)   

Significant Qualifications

  • CTU Pension Committee Co-Chair (2022 - Present):
    • Advocating for pension fund protections and improvements, especially for Tier 2 members
  • Pension Advocacy Group Co-Chair (2020 - Present): 
    • Attend CTPF meetings and keep union members informed about pension-related matters
    • Investigate and educate on pension related issues
  • Regional “Super Advocate” for 403b Wise:
    • Advocated for lower-cost investment options among CPS supplemental retirement vendors such as VALIC and raised awareness about the impact of fees on long-term retirement savings
  • Personal Finance Educator (2011 - Present):
    • Deliver comprehensive personal finance courses to high school students and community members, equipping them with essential financial knowledge.

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