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Jeffery Blackwell, Teacher Trustee Candidate

Jeffery Blackwell

Statement of Candidacy

Jeffery Blackwell currently serves as President of the CTPF Board of Trustees, and has held the position since 2018. Elected to represent Teachers in 2010, and re-elected in 2013, 2016, and 2019 he has chaired the Executive, Technology, Claims and Service Credit, and Policy Committee, and served on the Disability, Health Insurance, Investments, Pension Law and Administrative Rules, and Communications Committees. He served as Interim Executive Director, providing leadership to staff and stability for the Fund during the national search for an Executive Director in the Fund’s 2021 Fiscal Year. A 24-year veteran of the Chicago Public Schools, he currently works with students with special needs and established a student mentoring program. An active member and delegate of the Chicago Teachers Union, he has served on the Executive Board and Pension Committee, and as a delegate to the American Federation of Labor and Illinois Federation of Labor Conventions. He earned a Bachelor of Science in Education, a Master of Science in Special Education, and a Master of Arts in General Administration from Chicago State University.

Current Position and/or Organization Memberships

Teaching Experience/Employment History

24-year CPS Veteran Teacher: Taught grades 3, 6, 7, 8 and Middle School Special Needs

Golden Teacher Mentoring program and the Mint Mentoring program

  • Developed a Mentoring Plan
  • Served as Lead Mentor

Completed and implemented lesson plans for Upper Cycle Special Education program

Completed and implemented IEPs for students with special needs

Member of the Special Education Committee to better serve students with special needs

Worked in the Platform Learning after-school program

Teacher Trustee, Chicago Teachers’ Pension Fund, 2010-present

  • Chair, Committee on Claims and Service Credit
  • Member, Investment Committee
  • Member, Communications Committee
  • Chair, Technology Committee
  • Chair, Policy Committee
  • Spring 2013, CTPF Lobby Day Participant

Chicago Teachers Union

  • Delegate, 2011-present

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