Mary Sharon Reilly, Pensioner Trustee Candidate

Mary Sharon Reilly

Statement of Candidacy 

In my 27 years as an elected trustee (11 years as an active teacher, as president 9 years, and 16 years as a retiree), I have acted in the best interest of all members. As a member of a 12-member board, I must study the issues as presented by experts we have hired in all areas- investments, pension benefits, health insurance, and legislation. As a trustee my decisions must be for the members and not reflect my individual interests.

In these years I have made decisions that have protected the health insurance subsidy and made thoughtful, educated investment decisions that will help to grow the fund, a goal we cannot realize without consistent funding from CPS and the State of Illinois. My role of Trustee involves many aspects of CTPF, and I have served as Vice President, Financial Secretary, and chaired multiple committees including Finance and Audit, Health Insurance, and Personnel. I have worked to ensure that our Health Insurance rates remain affordable for our members, and supported the continuation of our 60% health insurance subsidy. My support of an RFP for health insurance programs in 2023, helped bring a new program (modeled after Plan G), and a reduction in rates for our Medicare-eligible members. I support a balanced approach to divesting from fossil fuels, and voted in favor of our current policy, which ensures divestment by 2027.

I take my role as a fiduciary seriously and understand that as a member of a 12-member board it’s important to work collaboratively with the other 11 members to make decisions to benefit our 60,000+ members. A CTPF Trustee cannot act as a single interest, but a person elected by the members or appointed by the employer to protect the future retirement benefits of all members.

If elected, I will continue to act with integrity, to grow in knowledge, and to always have the best interests of members as my goal.


  • Loyola University, M.Ed., Guidance/Counseling
  • Various Institutions for Eligibility for Type 75 Certificate 
  • Mundelein College, B.A., English


  • Chicago Teachers’ Pension Fund 
    • President 1997-2002
  • Chicago Public Schools
    • Elementary School Counselor 1973-1997 
    • Elementary Classroom Teacher 1964-1973



  • Chicago Teachers’ Pension Fund (CTPF) 
    • Pensioner Trustee (16 years)
    • Financial Secretary, Board of Trustees
    • Vice-President, Board of Trustees
    • Chairperson, Finance and Audit Committee
    • Chairperson, Personnel Committee 
    • Chairperson, Return to Work Committee
    • Chairperson, Investment Committee
    • Chairperson, Disability Committee
  • Retired Teachers’ Association (RTAC) 
    • Director
  • Chicago Teachers Union
    • Retiree Standing Committee 
  • Mundelein College Alumnae Association
    • Board Member, Past President 
  • Mary Seat of Wisdom Parish
    • Lector
    • Eucharistic Minister 
    • Minister of Care


  • National Association of Public Employee Retirement Systems (NCPERS) 
    • National Committee (2014-2016)
  • State of Illinois
    • Licensed Real Estate Managing Broker 
  • Chicago Teachers’ Pension Fund Teacher Trustee | 11 Years
    • President 1993-2002 
  • Chicago Teachers Union
    • Vice-President and Chairperson, Retiree Chapter 
    • Chairperson, Pension and Insurance Committee
    • School Delegate
    • Delegate to various state and national conventions

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