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Other Applicable Laws

View laws other than the Illinois Pension Code that apply to CTPF.

Other laws that apply to CTPF include:

Freedom of Information Act

The Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) establishes that the records of a public body shall be open to the public. FOIA includes information related to defining a public body, defining a public record, records that are exempt from FOIA, response time, fees, and other information.

Illinois Open Meetings Act

The Illinois Open Meetings Act (OMA) governs when a public body must conduct a meeting that is open to the public. OMA establishes requirements related to openness, exceptions as to subject matter areas for which closed meetings may take place, and notice, posting, recording meetings, minutes, quorum, majority, and other requirements.

Internal Revenue Code, Section 401

As a qualified, government pension plan, CTPF is tax-exempt and subject to various provisions of the Internal Revenue Code, including much of IRC Section 401.

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