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Redefining Retirement: An Enlightening Second Career

Redefining Retirement

Before retiring in 2012, Elizabeth Landerholm had a diverse
teaching career that included teaching preschool through third
grade, supervising preschool student teachers, and running an
Even Start after-school program. She loved working with and
helping people—a good trait for a teacher!—and wanted to find a
way to continue doing that even though she was retiring from
teaching. Her quest eventually put her on the path of energy

Energy healing combines ancient shamanic wisdom teachings with
current nutrition, biology, and neuroscience practices to create
a holistic approach to healing the human body and mind.
Fascinated by this new way to help people with their physical and
emotional issues, Elizabeth decided to get certified as an Energy
Medicine Practitioner and Health Coach, and in 2015 completed the
three-year certificate program at the
Four Winds’ Light Body School
in Joshua Tree, CA.

Now back in Illinois, she has started her own energy healing
practice—Sacred Star Path—and is using her training to help
clients alleviate stress and pain, resolve relationship issues,
and find new purpose and happiness in their lives. While there is
plenty to love about her second career, Elizabeth is most excited
by her ability to help people make meaningful life changes faster
than she could when she was teaching and advising students.

A website for Sacred Star Path is still in the works, so for more
information about Elizabeth’s energy healing practice, feel free
to email her at or follow her on

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