2023 Health Insurance Premium Subsidy

Members who received and paid for health insurance coverage from another source between January 1-December 31, 2023, received a mailing in early March of 2024 detailing the process of applying for a health insurance premium subsidy. Applicants must complete and return Form 355 and return it to CTPF with all required documentation no later than July 31, 2024 (NEW DEADLINE with NO exceptions).

How to Speed Up the Processing of Your Application 

Submit forms and documents by fax 312.641.7185 or email an attachment (.pdf format) to imaging@ctpf.org. U.S. mail processing may be delayed and submitting forms electronically will ensure prompt processing. Members mark the information on their documentation that does not scan well and we cannot read the information. Refrain from marking over information. 

Proof Made Easier for 2023 Rebate Year  

The Health Insurance Subsidy Preferred Proof List & Examples document shows the PREFERRED PROOF for members to submit. Please note that while other proof is acceptable, as outlined in the document, submitting the PREFERRED PROOF will reduce the turnaround time for your application to be processed. The form of proof must show the premium paid for the coverage period. For 2023 rebate, you are only required to provide proof of premium paid.  

CTPF reserves the right to request additional information, including proof of premium billed, if needed. 

In addition, CTPF does review prior year’s applications for consistency. If your previous year’s rebate proof was approved, CTPF recommends that you send in the same documentation for the 2023 rebate year.  

Outside Health Insurance Rebate Resources 

Outside Health Insurance Rebate Webinars 

CTPF offered Outside Health Insurance Rebate Webinars in March that walked members through the process of applying for an outside rebate. These webinars provided a general overview of the eligibility requirements, required documentation, the timeline for the rebate process, and pitfalls to avoid when completing the outside rebate application.

Webinar Presentation & Recording 

More Information  

If you have questions about completing the application, please call Member Services at 312.641.4464 or email memberservices@ctpf.org for assistance.